Burn Injury Awareness Weekend Events

Burn Injury Awareness Walk, Safety Education Fair & Picnic - Sunday, June 5, 2016

Register ButtonEach year in the United States, 450,000 burn injuries occur that are serious enough to require medical attention. Burns are difficult and challenging injuries, as they often have a life-long impact. The suffering caused by burns is made even more tragic by the fact that they are preventable. The Burn Injury Awareness Walk will bring together burn survivors and their families, first responders, safety and medical professionals, and community members to walk for burn injury awareness, public education, and prevention. A Safety Education Fair and picnic will immediately follow the walk and offer fun for all ages. Please visit the event page for more details.

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Burn Survivor and Family Workshop - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Register ButtonRecovery from a burn injury can be a life-long journey that requires dealing with many difficult physical, emotional, and psychological issues. A severe burn injury can cause significant lifestyle changes and impact one's entire family. Join other burn survivors and their families for an afternoon of education, support, and fellowship at the Burn Survivor and Family Workshop. Please visit the event page for more details. 

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Education and promoting best practices in fire safety can have a direct impact on preventing burn injuries. Enter to win our Fourth Annual Burn Injury Awareness Public Service Announcement Contest!